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Somos un grupo de profesionales guiados por un espíritu permanente de estudio y actualización,dentro de marcos éticos, equitativos y legalistas.

Accompaniment to Meetings

In these we will discuss about the legal limits of your liability and the observance of your obligations. These activities also cover commercial visits, only if your company considers necessary, ...

Specialized Judicial Represent

All about foreign trade /International Business, Tax and Exchange: Monitoring./ Management and periodic reporting on news  about administrative processes or

Legal Information, Updates and

Employee training and permanent information about legislation or interpretation changes, on topics related to the customs, tax and exchange regime / laws.

Advised Clients

Agencia de Aduanas Ascointer S.A. Nivel 1 Agencia de Aduanas Hubemar S.A.. Nivel 1 Agencia de Aduanas Asercol S.A.. Nivel 1 Agencia de Aduanas Herman Schwyn & Cia S.A.. Nivel 1 Agencia de Aduanas ...

Sitios de Interés

  • Direccion de Impuestos
  • Organizaciòn Mundial de Aduanas
  • Defensoria del Contribuyente y Usuario Aduanero
  • Consulte el Estado de Sus Procesos
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